Function of semi coke

News 2020-12-22

Semi-coke is a solid charcoal product obtained by using the high quality Jurassic cleaned coal abundant in Shenfu coal field of Yulin under the condition of medium and low temperature by dry distillation and pyrolysis. It is a trademark of national geographic indication.Yulin has proved coal reserves of 149 billion tons, accounting for 10.8% of the country’s proved coal reserves, of which Jurassic coal accounts for 95%. It has high quality and is the best coal for producing orchid charcoal. The rich, high-quality coal resources are the most stable and biggest advantage for Yulin to develop the semi-coke industry.As a new type of carbon material, Yulin semi coke can replace coke (metallurgical coke) and widely used in chemical industry, smelting industry and gas making industry after repeated test and application.

It is superior to coke in the production of magnesium, ferroalloy, ferrosilicon, silicon manganese, chemical fertilizer, calcium carbide and other products. It can improve the quality of downstream products, save energy, reduce production costs and increase production application value.

The semi coke applied in:

  • Metallurgical field 

1.Ferroalloy reducing agent.

2.Materials for blast furnace injection

Chemical industry

1. Calcium carbide reducing agent.

2. Chemical fertilizer gasification raw materials

Clean fuel field

1. Civil fuel.