How to reduce consumption of electrode paste in calcium carbide furnace

News 2020-12-23

1.Improve the quality of electrode paste

Reasonably control the product quality of electrode paste to ensure long-term stable operation of calcium carbide furnace.Adopt electrode pastes with high carbon content, low volatile content, low ash content, and low porosity. At the same time, by selecting alternative raw materials, improving the raw material formula, reasonable mixing of petroleum coke, graphite chips, etc..Improving the quality of the electrode paste to meet the needs of thermoelectric stoves.Studies have shown that adding residual electrodes and carbon rods with a particle size of 8-20 mm and an addition ratio of about 20% to the electrode paste can effectively increase the voltage resistance and bulk density of the electrode paste, while reducing the resistivity and ash content. Using anthracene oil to replace hazardous waste coal tar as a binder can reduce the softening point of the electrode paste; adding no more than 2% of additives to the electrode paste can reduce the viscosity of the paste, increase the plasticity of the electrode paste and reduce the resistivity.

  • Strengthen electrode management

The electrode is the heart of the calcium carbide furnace. The electrode management system must be strictly controlled, and the consumption adjustment control of the electrode must be emphasized. Do not reduce the pressure and release time under the conditions of sufficient electrode working length, furnace temperature rising, product quality relatively stable, and smooth furnace operation. Increase the frequency of voltage release under the conditions of low voltage, high current, and poor production. The electrode paste should be replenished regularly and quantitatively, and the height of the electrode paste column should be reasonably controlled. The ideal height control range is 3.5m~4.5m from the upper end of the conductive element to avoid the phenomenon of particle segregation during the electrode paste baking process caused by the material column being too high or too low. It is necessary to closely track the temperature changes during the baking process of the electrode paste and the color status of the smoke at the top of the electrode cylinder.