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    Semi-focus introduction

    Introduction to Semi-focus Semi coke is also known as low temperature coke. Gray-black, volatile matter (about 7%-12%) is higher than that of coke (about 3%), the texture is crisp and porous, the reaction performance is good, it is eas...

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    Yulin Coal Price

    This morning, Shenmu City held the 2021 Safety Production Work Conference. According to the different conditions of each mine, production will be suspended for 1-3 days to cooperate with inspections, which has little impact on production capa...

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    The price of ferrosilicon in South K

    Due to the tight spot supply in Korea but the slow demand, the current mainstream price of 75% min 10-50mm ferrosilicon is 1,530-1,590 South-Korean Won /kg(usd 1.37-1.42 /kg) duty paid, unchanged from the beginning of last week. In view of the fa...

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    Malaysia ferrosilicon export prices f

    Affected by the slowdown in demand and lower prices from other international suppliers, the current mainstream export price of Malaysian ferrosilicon 75% min 10-50mm has fallen by about US$50/ton to US$1,400-1,450/ton from the beginning of last w...

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    China’s medium carbon ferromanganese

    This week,most suppliers raised their quotations due to tight supply.The current price of China’s medium-carbon ferromanganese Mn75%min, C2%max is RMB 10,600-10,800/ton ex-factory cash, which is an increase of RMB 200/ton from last week. Taking i...

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    1.What is semi coke Semi coke is made from high grade Jurassic coal as a new type of carbon material.Semi coke produced in China ,and main production city in Shaanxi China . Semi coke can instead of metallurgical coke  to...

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    Slow procurement in South Korean fe

    Due to the uncertain delivery date of International suppliers, the market for imported ferrosilicon from South Korea was Slow to purchase this week .Supported by rising prices from international suppliers ,Currently mainstream price of ferrosilic...

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    Seven large coal groups propose to st

    Dated on 1st of January 2021,National Energy Group, China Carbon Energy Group, Jinneng Holding Group, Shandong Energy Group Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd., Shanxi Coking Coal Group Co., Ltd., and Inner Mongolia Yita...

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    How to reduce consumption of electrod

    1.Improve the quality of electrode paste Reasonably control the product quality of electrode paste to ensure long-term stable operation of calcium carbide furnace.Adopt electrode pastes with high carbon content, low volatile content, low ash c...

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    Function of semi coke

    Semi-coke is a solid charcoal product obtained by using the high quality Jurassic cleaned coal abundant in Shenfu coal field of Yulin under the condition of medium and low temperature by dry distillation and pyrolysis. It is a trademark of nation...