Yulin Coal Price

News 2021-03-08

This morning, Shenmu City held the 2021 Safety Production Work Conference. According to the different conditions of each mine, production will be suspended for 1-3 days to cooperate with inspections, which has little impact on production capacity. In addition, in order to ensure safe production during the two sessions, some areas currently suspend the approval of production and resumption of coal mine . Entering March, the coal market in the production area began to strengthen. According to the statistics of the trading center, nearly 60% of the production capacity in some areas has completed a new round of price increases as of today, and the rising trend of coal prices has basically taken shape.

Two factors have contributed to the increase in coal prices :

  1. The epidemic situation in Hebei has been cleared, and the local coal transportation capacity and procurement market have recovered. Entering March, the highway capacity of Hebei Province was restored. Coupled with the resumption of operations at local coal yards, Hebei has become an important distribution hub for coal. The recovery of the market is of great significance to the recovery of coal prices.
  2. The rising prices of ports and major mines drove the market’s bullish sentiment to rise. In March, coal prices at ports also began to rebound. Coupled with the increase in the price of large local mines and the increase in the purchase of vehicles, end users and traders in various links have increased their bullish sentiment, and they have begun to release demand for purchase or stock coal.