Magnesium Ingot

The application of magnesium is mainly concentrated in the four major fields of magnesium alloy production, aluminum alloy production, steelmaking desulfurization, and aviation military industry. It is widely used in automobile manufacturing, light industry, metallurgical industry, chemical industry, electronics industry, and instrument manufacturing.

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Magnesium Ingot
Purity Al Ca Mn Si Cu Ni Fe Weight /Piece Package
99.9%min 0.0055 0.004 0.0128 0.0416 0.0013 0.0004 0.0042 300g/500g/7.5kg 1.25Ton/Mg Pallet; 20Pallet/20’Fcl ; 25 Tons/20’FCL
99.95% min 0.0046 0.004 0.0099 0.0216 0.0012 0.0003 0.0043


Packing Term 1.25Ton/Mg Pallet; 20Pallet/20’Fcl ; 25 Tons/20’FCL

Note: We can also do customized product per customer’s requirement.

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