Carbon Raiser

Yikun Industry supply carbon raiser that derivative from calcined petroleum coke and calcined anthracite. It can be used as a pure carbon additive. Also, it is applied to steel plant from ingot manufacturing to beams & coil manufacturing.

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Carbon Raiser
FC Ash V.M S Moisture Size Package MOQ
90% min 8.5% max 1.5% max 0.35% max 0.5% max 1~3 mm 1~4 mm 1~5 mm 1~8 mm 2~3 mm 2~4 mm In Ton bag or 25kg/bag Bulk in container Bulk in vessel 200 tons
92% min 6.5% max
95% min 3.5% max

Packing: *In Ton bag *25kg/bag *Bulk incontainer *Bulk in vessel* Up to Customer’s requirement

Note: We can also do customized product per customer’s requirement.


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